Live Well, Laugh Often, Eat Local!

We Like Holidays Too!  So our staff may rest and play, we take a few holidays (and Superbowl Sunday at 2pm) off too.
We now serve Classic Cocktails, see our Cocktail Menu here!

New Lunch Dinner Menus! New Table Snacking Menu!  Please refresh your browser to view new menus!

We love to buy local! 

Since our opening, we've worked independant and all-natural local fare into our menu...  Produce, fresh-caught fish, custom-roasted coffees, sausage, fresh-crafted teas, pure maple syrup, breads, wines, craft beers, rice blends, wild cherrywood smoked bacon and, of course, fresh gelato from our friends in Michigan...

It's delightful and everybody wins!

An independent, locally owned restaurant, Table 65 Bistro & Gelato Café is a unique destination. We think of ourselves as Upscale Casual, so don't let the chandeliers fool you, only shirt, shorts and shoes are required. Whether you're eating in or taking out, we hope you will appreciate the time and care we put into our dishes. When you're in your jammies, we deliver; when you're sitting with a bunch of suits and ready to strike a deal... we deliver then too! When you are hosting a Wedding, Rehearsal Dinner, Baby Shower,or Birthday we can offer you a private party, or catering services for your event.

Just call and we'll discuss details.

Live Well 
It's easy to make good choices at Table 65.  Our menu offers fresh, healthy options including gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan.  When you want to indulge, we've got you covered.  

Nutrition and portion control is our utilitarian approach to most of our dishes at Table 65.   It is by design that you won't find salt shakers or baskets of bread on our tables.  While there is a place for salt in our food, of course, a lot of people are enjoying the flavors of fresh healthier food rather than masking the flavors with a salt craving or worse, salt habit.  Bread, butter?  We don't believe in filling our guests with empty white bread carbs and butter.  However, if you want more bread and or butter, just ask.   There is no charge (and no judgement either).

We reserve the right to change the pace now and then: 
Our guests have enjoyed our reservation only, themed dinners like New Years Eve, Valentines Day, Chinese New Year and Cinco de Mayo.

Once a month, we offer flaming table-side desserts, stay tuned for details here or our facebook page. 

Then, we hope you will appreciate that we like to goof off with friends and family as much as the next guy. There are times we are compelled to go on holiday and we do just that. Again, stay tuned to our website and Facebook page, we'll offer advance notice. 

Heads up, So our staff may rest and play we are closed to the public Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Day, New Years Day, Super Bowl Sunday after 2pm, Easter, Sun/Mon Memorial Weekend, July 3rd and July 4th, and Sun/Mon Labor Day Weekend...  That makes for a really happy Crew!


Laugh Often!

Enjoy time with family and friends.
Or, get some work done,we've got WiFi! 


If you're looking for a local cafe around New Richmond, Hudson or Eau Claire, WI, then Table65 Bistro & Gelato Restaurant is for you offering Glutin Free & Vegetarian food.